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    4. BTB-300C Cellophane wrapping machine

      Prouduct Introduction:
      The machine in the BTB-300B type on the basis of the increase in film on the version of the system, the use of Japan's Panasonic servo motor film, Siemens module control and PLC touch screen interface, running high-speed stability, simple and intuitive operation. for bulk paper towels, newspaper stickers, memo paper, bulk poker, Films of sheet-like items are automatically wrapped in .

      Main technical parameters:

      Packing Material BOPP film and gole tear tape
      Packing speed 30 ~ 50 packs/min
      Packing size (L) 240 x (W) 120 x (H) 60 mm
      Electric Supply & Power 220V 50Hz   5kw
      Weight 600kg
      Overall dimensions (L) 3000 x (W) 800 x (H) 1500 mm