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    4. BTB-300A Cellophane wrapping machine

      Prouduct Introduction:
      This machine is suitable for automatic packaging (with gold pull line) for single-piece box items in various industries. The use of new double insurance institutions, the machine does not stop when running without downtime will not damage other parts. Unique one-way hand-crank device to prevent reverse shake the machine, and the operation of the hand wheel will not turn to make the operator more secure. Replace the mold without adjusting the height of the machine on both sides of the table, no need to dismantle the material chain, put hopper.

      Main technical parameters:

      Packaging Material Bopp film and gole tear tape
      Packing speed 40 ~ 80 packs / min
      Packing Size (L) 240 x (W) 120 x (H) 60 mm
      Electric Supply & Power 220V 50Hz   5kw
      Weight 500kg
      Overall dimensions (L) 2000 × (W) 700 × (H) 1400 mm